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Carroll, Georgia, United States

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Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Akin, Rhoda Elizabeth  4 Oct 1835Carroll, Georgia, United States P1966 Therrien Watson 
2 Baker, Seletha Zilphy  9 Dec 1824Carroll, Georgia, United States P3186 Therrien Watson 
3 Bryce, James Young  28 Sep 1846Carroll, Georgia, United States P1346 Therrien Watson 
4 Chambers, Benjamin D  20 Aug 1842Carroll, Georgia, United States P882 Therrien Watson 
5 Chambers, Francis Marion  4 May 1850Carroll, Georgia, United States P867 Therrien Watson 
6 Chambers, James L  20 May 1841Carroll, Georgia, United States P873 Therrien Watson 
7 Chambers, Mariah Jordan  1832Carroll, Georgia, United States P877 Therrien Watson 
8 Chambers, Merrill Columbus  28 Nov 1844Carroll, Georgia, United States P872 Therrien Watson 
9 Chambers, Milton Rice  2 Jun 1848Carroll, Georgia, United States P865 Therrien Watson 
10 Chambers, Nelson Josephus  29 Mar 1855Carroll, Georgia, United States P868 Therrien Watson 
11 Chambers, William Posey  2 Oct 1837Carroll, Georgia, United States P866 Therrien Watson 
12 Holcombe, Elizabeth S  1848Carroll, Georgia, United States P1710 Therrien Watson 
13 Lambert, Caleb Buchanan  10 Jan 1857Carroll, Georgia, United States P1980 Therrien Watson 
14 Lambert, Isaac M  1846Carroll, Georgia, United States P1983 Therrien Watson 
15 Lambert, Jemima  1847Carroll, Georgia, United States P1982 Therrien Watson 
16 Lambert, Mary A Polly  1843Carroll, Georgia, United States P1985 Therrien Watson 
17 Lambert, Randolph A  06/29/1853Carroll, Georgia, United States P1981 Therrien Watson 
18 Lambert, William Sherlock  1845Carroll, Georgia, United States P1984 Therrien Watson 
19 Parker, Mary Polly  1793Carroll, Georgia, United States P1988 Therrien Watson 
20 Redding, Guy  13 Aug 1893Carroll, Georgia, United States P3314 Therrien Watson 
21 Sewell, Marion Willis  20 Nov 1872Carroll, Georgia, United States P1316 Therrien Watson 
22 Watson, George Alexander  11 Mar 1860Carroll, Georgia, United States P1378 Therrien Watson 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Akin, Frances A  1889Carroll, Georgia, United States P2007 Therrien Watson 
2 Akin, Isham A  23 Apr 1906Carroll, Georgia, United States P2008 Therrien Watson 
3 Akin, John T  13 Mar 1912Carroll, Georgia, United States P2002 Therrien Watson 
4 Akin, Rhoda Elizabeth  23 Jan 1888Carroll, Georgia, United States P1966 Therrien Watson 
5 Chambers, Nelson Josephus  1938Carroll, Georgia, United States P868 Therrien Watson 
6 Chambers, Porter Doc  17 Feb 1929Carroll, Georgia, United States P870 Therrien Watson 
7 Chambers, Robert W  1 May 1840Carroll, Georgia, United States P874 Therrien Watson 
8 Chambers, William Posey  23 Aug 1885Carroll, Georgia, United States P866 Therrien Watson 
9 Green, Sarah 'Sally'  1845Carroll, Georgia, United States P3535 Therrien Watson 
10 Harrison, Edith  15 Jan 1853Carroll, Georgia, United States P3440 Therrien Watson 
11 Lambert, Harrison Nickols  15 Apr 1967Carroll, Georgia, United States P1975 Therrien Watson 
12 Lambert, Oscar Franklin  18 Jan 1929Carroll, Georgia, United States P1976 Therrien Watson 
13 Parker, Mary Polly  1861Carroll, Georgia, United States P1988 Therrien Watson 
14 Reid, Henry Martin  13 Dec 1853Carroll, Georgia, United States P3441 Therrien Watson 
15 Stephens, Martha Kansas "Mattie"  19 Jan 1944Carroll, Georgia, United States P1823 Therrien Watson 
16 Tsinger, Nelle  09 Feb 1983Carroll, Georgia, United States P1856 Therrien Watson 
17 Turner, Mary AKA Polly  1870Carroll, Georgia, United States P1335 Therrien Watson 
18 Whisenhunt, Dorcas  7 Oct 1903Carroll, Georgia, United States P1926 Therrien Watson 
19 Yates, Sarah Josephine Josie  1 Dec 1934Carroll, Georgia, United States P1812 Therrien Watson 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Chambers, Milton Rice  2 Jun 1849Carroll, Georgia, United States P865 Therrien Watson 
2 Chambers, William Posey  8 October 1837Carroll, Georgia, United States P866 Therrien Watson 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bryce, Thomas Jimison  1830Carroll, Georgia, United States P415 Therrien Watson 
2 Bryce, Thomas Jimison  1840Carroll, Georgia, United States P415 Therrien Watson 
3 Chambers, Jesse N  1864Carroll, Georgia, United States P100 Therrien Watson 
4 Chambers, John Thaddeus  1840Carroll, Georgia, United States P850 Therrien Watson 
5 Chambers, Joseph W  1864Carroll, Georgia, United States P828 Therrien Watson 
6 Chambers, Minerva Eleanor "Ella"  1870Carroll, Georgia, United States P1796 Therrien Watson 
7 Chambers, Perthenia Melvina  1870Carroll, Georgia, United States P1795 Therrien Watson 
8 Chambers, William Posey  1870Carroll, Georgia, United States P866 Therrien Watson 
9 Easterwood, Sarah  1870Carroll, Georgia, United States P2742 Therrien Watson 
10 Lambert, Isham James G  1870Carroll, Georgia, United States P1978 Therrien Watson 
11 Lambert, Joseph Henry T  1870Carroll, Georgia, United States P1965 Therrien Watson 
12 Reid, Reuben  1840Carroll, Georgia, United States P3296 Therrien Watson 
13 Sewell, Greenberry  1840Carroll, Georgia, United States P3188 Therrien Watson 
14 Watson, Burton  1840Carroll, Georgia, United States P32 Therrien Watson 
15 Watson, George Washington  1840Carroll, Georgia, United States P150 Therrien Watson 
16 Watson, Virginia  1840Carroll, Georgia, United States P3357 Therrien Watson 
17 Yates, Georgia Ann  1870Carroll, Georgia, United States P1826 Therrien Watson 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   _MILT   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bryce, James T  4 Mar 1862Carroll, Georgia, United States P1327 Therrien Watson 
2 Bryce, William H H  1862Carroll, Georgia, United States P406 Therrien Watson 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Lambert / Arnold  1840Carroll, Georgia, United States F318 Therrien Watson 
2 Bryce / Goldin  27 Nov 1840Carroll, Georgia, United States F205 Therrien Watson 
3 Allen / Blackwell  4 Feb 1841Carroll, Georgia, United States F369 Therrien Watson 
4 Hicks / McElroy  12 Jul 1845Carroll, Georgia, United States F670 Therrien Watson 
5 Chambers / Yates  31 Dec 1868Carroll, Georgia, United States F287 Therrien Watson