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Joseph H. Therrien
Joseph H. Therrien
Our story starts with the marriage of Joseph Ulric Therrien of New Hampshire and Avalin Watson of Georgia in 1952.

It's a story about each of them, their children, and each of their families, the Therrien's and the Watson's as well as the maternal family lines of the Marquis's and the Chambers's. The Therrien's were originally from La Rochelle, France by way of Quebec, Canada and then New Hampshire. The Watson's were originally from Scotland by way of Virginia and then Georgia. The Therrien's and Watson's are only part of the story... there are many more names in the family history found inside! Chambers, Vachon, Marquis, Bryce to name just a few.

The goal of this website is to capture the history of all who belong in our Family Tree and to learn about our ancestors -- who they were, where they lived and the stories of their lives. So start your journey today. Explore these pages, learn about a distance relative who served in the Civil War, find out how many ancestors share your Given Name, look up where they lived, and ponder if perhaps some of our ancestors had a small role in making a bit of history.

-- Len Therrien, Webmaster, son of Joseph Therrien and Avalin Watson

Families Included
Therrien, Watson, Vachon, Chambers, Marquis, Cole, Bryce, Canac, Lessard, Cote and many more.

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Families With Anniversaries Today
Anniversaries for 12 Aug 2022
Thomas Joseph Watson & Mary Elizabeth Cumbie - 1835

Birthdays on this Day
Birthdays for 12 Aug 2022
Charles Biles - 1665
Calvin Monroe Cole - 1891
Marie Leda Bedard - 1898
Sylvio Therrien - 1928
Alonzo Therrien - 1928

Deaths on this Day
Deaths for 12 Aug 2022
Noel Vachon - 1699

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15 April 2012 Added access to for Therrien-Watson Family; see more detail; especially photos and documents! see the center section under Features

5 May 2012 Added 'Family Videos' - see the center section under Features